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Who doesn’t want to have an oasis to escape the craziness of the world? Why not add a garden to your backyard and create your own oasis? Experience the serenity of being able to sit in your garden and enjoy the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer.

Reliable Garden and Ponds located in Middle Island, Suffolk County, New York has been in the garden center business for over thirty five years and supplies quality garden pond equipment, accessories, and pond care products that help build a beautiful backyard garden pond. Come in with a vision of the perfect garden and watch as the expert staff at Reliable Garden and Ponds help bring your vision to life.

We are known as the top backyard pond supply store and having top-quality pond construction supplies in Middle Island. We love building and maintaining ponds and waterfall by applying our years of experience and in-depth knowledge of building a garden pond. We have all kind of garden pond supplies you need for a successful pond, including professional maintenance. We support local farmers by purchasing only locally grown plants to be able to create your dream garden. You will have the peace of mind knowing all the plants are acclimated as per the changing weather.

Reliable Garden is your one-stop when it comes to creating and managing your backyard garden pond. Our experienced staff can help you with all of your gardening questions and tools. We have all the required pond care products you need to get rid of bugs, plant a garden or fill a flower pot. We have all kind of pond equipment and supplies to maintain your garden pond, repel a bug, attract a bird or butterfly.

Nothing can match the delights of a water feature in your garden. It brings life and movement….. movement of water in a fountain or down a waterfall or cascade, movement and splashes of the fish. It’s sound is gentle and relaxing. To know how we can help you in building a backyard pond or how our garden pond supplies help to create a scenic view in your own backyard, get in touch with our pond supply store NOW! Or call us at 631-924-8140.

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Full Garden Center in Long Island

Reliable Gardens and Ponds has been creating lush garden oasis for over 35 years. We believe a connection to nature in your yard allows you to let go of a long day and simply sink into the joy of your life. For over 35 years, our garden pond supply store provides the best quality garden pond supplies, accessories, equipment, and pond care products to homeowners of Long Island. Hence, we offer and use only top-quality backyard pond equipment and supplies for building a custom-designed backyard pond to transform your property into a paradise. Our expert team works closely with every client and listen to their needs and requirements, ensuring them with a backyard pond beyond their expectations.

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We have full line garden center for all of your gardening needs.

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Our pond supply store has all the requisites required to build a wonderful running water garden.

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We carry a wide variety of annuals and perennials to choose from. From the very common to exotic tropical plants.

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We have everything you need from lighting, media, nutrients & supplements, pumps and so on.

Water Garden Pond Supplies and Equipment by Reliable Garden

Garden Pond with Flowers and Fish

The idea of building a garden pond into your backyard brings the yard to life, Reliable Garden carries a full range of backyard pond supplies, including fish, aquatic plants and more. We strives to give our customers with the best service for building a garden pond using best-quality pond care products. Do you live in Middle Island, Suffolk County, New York and looking for a garden pond supplies company? Then we are here for you.

Reliable Garden is committed to supply the finest pond equipment and supplies and all the equipment have been tested by our highly-qualified and experienced staff. Our team will assist you in properly managing your garden pond-no matter of what size! Also, create your own oasis, with the help of our experts you can easily install beautiful water fountains and all other unique water features that helps to enhance the beauty of your backyard pond. If you are searching for pond construction supplies, then you can be sure with Reliable Garden. Our garden pond supply store will provide you with the best garden pond supplies and pond construction services. 

Building a backyard pond have many environmental benefits as well. Like ponds creates conservation area in your landscape and helps nearby plants to remain alive as ponds offer a self-sustaining cycle of hydration. Garden and ponds supports local wildlife as it provides a breeding space for frogs, toads and dragonflies and have always been a heaven for beautiful fish. Also, it maintains the moisture level of soil during summer.

Having a garden pond also, increases environmental awareness among kids as they get involved in the process of building, planning and maintaining them. Kids will come to know how an ecosystem works.

How to Build a Backyard Garden pond?

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Building a backyard pond requires choosing the right place according to your yard’s structure which will make your garden pond look more appealing. You want to have an easy view of the pond when you’re relaxing also, it should get a good amount of sunlight for about 7 to 8 hours per day.

In addition, building a garden pond provides peacefulness and becomes a part of your life. The sound of running water calms your soul and improves your landscape also, become the center of attraction. For building a backyard pond there are a few steps that you should follow to fully enjoy the “Aquascape Pond”, the best place to construct a pond is a first step followed by deciding the size and depth of the pond, to control the inside temperature of water from becoming warm. It is important to provide plant coverage or shade that provides a beautiful scene to the landscape. Last, but not the least choosing the right pond construction supplies is necessary so that your pond looks mesmerizing.

You can line the pond after planting. You can also optionally add a fountain. To help you perform all of these steps and obtain the materials you need a trusted garden pond supplies company like Reliable Garden. We are experts in building a backyard pond. If you are searching for pond equipment and supplies or any other pond care products, then get in touch with our pond supply store now! Or call us at (631) 924-8140.