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Choosing plants that will allow your garden to flourish all year-round?

Keeping pesky bugs OUT and other wildlife like butterflies and beautiful birds IN your garden?

Picking out the right soil to fill your flower pots with?

We are Best Garden Fertilizer, Gardeners Tools and Equipment Supplier

We’re here to take the guesswork out of gardening so that you can add to the beauty of the world with your yard. Our expert staff and full line Garden Center Store has everything you need to know and purchase including lights, water fixtures, bug repellent, gardening tools and equipment, organic garden fertilizer and so much more.

Organic gardening fertilizers increase nutrient release to plants and also, increases water retention. Organic garden fertilizer improves the overall soil structure as it enhances nutrient release and provides consistent nourishment. Reliable Garden is the best garden center store, we are in the garden center business for over 35 years. You will get all gardening equipments and tools here. So, if you are in search of Garden Center Long Island then we are here for you!

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    Reliable Garden uses organic fertilizers made up of natural decomposition which are different from chemicals, they feed plants. Organic fertilizers are also good for growing vegetables, soil with organic material that remain soil loose and airy and improve the quality of soil, water retention, promote healthier root development. Reliable Garden located in the heart of Long Island providing support to the local farmers by purchasing locally grown plants. We are a full line Garden Center Store in Long Island with professional staff. We are also offering assistance with any gardening related questions.

    If you are planning to start gardening or if you’re a new gardener then you will be amazed by the gardener’s tools and equipment offering by Reliable Garden. Gardening equipment make gardening easier. Here you will get the best garden fertilizer available in dozens. Choosing an organic fertilizer for vegetables represents an environment-friendly gardening choice. It will provide the necessary nutrients for growth.

    Browse through our Garden Center Store to buy best gardening fertilizer, organic fertilizer for vegetables, Gardeners Tools and Equipment. For any question get in touch with our experts or reach us at 631-924-8140

    Questions, Need Help?

    Get in touch with us today!