Reliable Garden and Ponds

Your garden is meant to reflect how you want to feel when you escape the craziness of the world. Vibrant, revitalized, and peaceful. We see choosing to invest in a garden as an act of self-care which allows you to experience the beautiful sense of bliss that Mother Nature has to offer. Gardening tools and permaculture may be foreign territory for you, but our expert staff is passionate about the two and supporting you as you design a serene garden.

Reliable Garden and Ponds has been in the garden center business for over 35 years. We are located in the heart of Long Island and proudly support local farmers by purchasing only locally grown plants. We create awe-inspiring gardens with the purest of intentions: the love of Long Island’s small business owners and the plants that support the health of our ecosystem. Native plants which are indigenous to Long Island ensure that not only will your garden look beautiful but it will be sustainable and able to acclimate to the weather.

We are a full line garden center with professional staff, here to support you with their expertise in gardening and bring your vision to life. We also offer assistance with any gardening questions or tools so that you can make magic happen in your garden. If you want less bugs and more butterflies, we can teach you and supply you with the right tools to make that happen.

However, you may want to add more to your plant oasis. If you’re looking to bring a splash of energy to the garden, a water feature can be an enchanting addition. Just take a minute to imagine the lavish design of vibrant flowers, surrounded by cardinals, butterflies landing atop a natural looking waterfall which cascades down to a small pond with lively fish splashing around. Imagine reaching into this garden and picking out vegetables, fruits, and herbs. How does that feel?

You can create this natural safe haven in your yard, and it doesn’t need to be a challenging experience. The possibility of this image coming to fruition isn’t outlandish. By teaming with Reliable Garden’s expert staff, you can make your property a flowering sanctuary with peace and ease.

Call us or come in and meet us at our Middle Island location in Suffolk County, New York.

Reliable Garden and Ponds carries only the finest annual vegetable and perennial plants.